Names of God ?

by Dan Baxley


If you came to this website because you thought you might find out about the MANY names of

God, then you may be disappointed. Right up front let me say, there is only one, true Name of God, and a Name that all will have to confess, one day, in order to gain salvation from our sinful nature. No one will enter the Kingdom of the Creator God, without confessing this Name, a name that Identifies a particular individual from all other.

The very first Gospel sermon, delivered by Peter, makes this revelation. This is a profound revelation, one that seemed right and easily understood at the time Peter spoke these words, but as the centuries past something else happened, the Language changed. The Name Peter proclaimed and all of the Apostles preached, did not change, but as languages changed, the opportunity to introduce a false name presented itself. Read what Peter had to say, and then ask yourself, What Name is he talking about? That question is answered, over and over again on this Website.

(Act 4:12) Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

The names used by Christians, and by other pagan religions are nowhere near His Birth Name, but many scholars and scribes will tell you that these names are His Names in different languages, but this is not true, it is simply a deception, and these experts are part of the delusion. There are a couple of books circulating, over the years, with titles like, 100 names of God, from both the Christian writings and also Muslim writings, using every title and mention of a Creator as names. Names and naming are an important part of being human and keeping us separated by identity, to avoid a lot of confusion, and a demonstration of family pride and achievement, but when it comes to the Creator of all things, when it comes to the One that can save us all from this world of madness, everyone just throws word into the air -- and say things like, Well, we are all worshiping the same god, just by different names. If we understand that Satan is the god of this world, then what are those people who say this, really saying? If there are many gods and Lords, then tell me which is yours.

Christians have a name, and that name is Jesus, HeZeus, and Isis, depending on the language you are most familiar with. Some have founded a name that is close, but still misses the mark -- Yeshua -- better than the others, for sure, as the other names seem to point to other gods, gods of old, of Babylon and Egypt.

 Irony of Ironies is that His Birth Name has always been with us and even before the resurrection of YaHshua. Joshua, is the Old English transliteration of His Name. Some confuse the term, transliteration with translation, they are not the same. Transliteration is to repeat a name in your own language that sounds like the name from another language and then writing that name in your own language, as you hear it -- transliterating from one language to another. The outcome should be the same sound, while the letters may be different in writing the vocalization of the name would be the same. A translation should follow closely to the transliteration, but all too often, especially with names, this does not happen. To many times the meaning of a name is translated over as opposed to how it actually sounds.

All of that aside, we have and have always had an Old English transliteration of our Savior's Name from the times of Moses. Joshua is the iconic person who led the Children of God, Israel, into the Promised Land. Joshua, today pronounced as YaHshua, or YeHoshua, by some and YaHushua by others, all similar and the same, but none even close to the bogus name,

JESUS. This is the deception, that the name Jesus is an equivalent to His given Hebrew Birth

Name. Whether this is the delusion sent from Heaven or Hell, I am not certain, but our Heavenly Father has allowed this to take place. Is this the deception or delusion we read about? Maybe, maybe not, but it does seem to be a delusion embraced by all of Christianity and even outside of Christianity. Let's take a closer look.

Delusion -- Deception? What deception? What delusion? Is it possible all of Christianity has been deceived or allowed to be deceived -- allowed to believe a lie, or THE LIE? Well, the answer is, possibly, Yes. Of course, if this delusion is sent from Heaven, then those set up for this delusion will not understand a word of what I have written and will argue to the grave that it does not matter, or that names are not important -- even though, in all Christianity, you will find sermon after sermon and teacher after teachers declaring the name of salvation as JESUS, and no other. Is this the deception the Apostle Paul, then, refers to? Maybe it is, or maybe it is only part of the coming delusion. You know, a deception can be hundreds, even thousands of years old or in the making -- just look at the lie of the Science of Evolution. Your grand-parents may have been monkeys, mine were not. One thing is sure, our Heavenly Father is going to send a strong delusion --

(2Th 2:10-12) And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (The NIV, CJB, HRB, and others, translate -- The Lie)

Strong -- operation, work -- G1753

Delusion -- deceit, error -- G4106

Lie -- lie, lying -- not the truth -- G5579

A time is coming when everyone that will enter the Kingdom of God, will have to confess YaHshua as their Savior -- not the false names of the many false Messiahs, but His Name, the Name He was given at Birth, and there is no other Name. But wait, is everyone who happens to see this truth going to step into eternity because of this Name, His Name, alone? Keep reading and you will find out.

This author and others knowing the truth, realize many will be offended, after all, the truth offends many people, especially those living in this deception, in this delusion. How many of you go to your church and then return home and study your own bible to see if what the Pastor and others are teaching is true to the Word? What, you think the Pastor knows more than you? That would be your first mistake.


If you read the all of chapter Two of Second Thessalonian, and you should, you will see the context surrounds those under the influence of Satan. You will see the pattern and how false miracles and works dealing in lying wonders -- trickery and deceit -- all the things the modern Evangelical church seems so fascinated with -- well, the ancient Church, the Mystery Church, the Mother of all Christianity, as been dealing in these deceptions all along -- everywhere miracles are seen and wonders reported.

But some might object that all those who promote the false name Jesus, is not a proper profile of a Christian, a believer, someone with a good heart. I will give you that, then I would add, we are not talking about a single believer but a collective of believers, a group, a controlled group, as well as those calling themselves a Church, whatever they may think that term means? Look at the collective groups of Christians, like, say, the Roman Catholics and the Protestant, and what is their historical past? the Protestants are the daughters of Rome and the Evangelicals and others are the daughters of the Protestant, all connected to Babylon -- all connected by similar doctrines and name. This is why we are instructed to come out of Babylon, out of Mystery Babylon and the Woman who rides the Beast.

(Rev 18:4) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.

 The Roman Church is the most evil of all Churches, their organization is one of the bloodiest recorded in history -- the religion of Islam trying to catch up. Even in recent history the sex crimes uncovered within the Roman Catholic Church are (nearly) unbelievable, and their followers continue to defend and attend to these false teachers and their false teachings. Only one other religion compares and that is the Muslim religion -- is it ironic they are the two largest and fastest growing religions in the World? Murder is their game -- Babylon is the Name.

That's right, murder and mayhem in the name of their god. Compounds of evil, where innocents are held captive for the purposes of their leaders. But what about those wonderful Christian Mega Churches? Let me remind you, again, we are not talking about the individual worshiper, such as yourself, seeking the truth, but of the groups, the collective organizations.

The Mega Churches are feel good churches, and exist in a world where the past evils of the Christian Church denominations, organizations are held, or kept in check by the civil powers of a free society. These civil authorities, like the Police, and the Military are appointed by God Himself for the protection of the innocent. We are talking about a free society, not one of over the top tyranny. The free society's civil authority is suppressing the kind of authority the Churches of the past exerted over their membership and whatever community or country they ruled over at one time -- even to the point of setting up kings and tearing them down -- in a free society that has come to an end. Make no mistake, if religion and religious leaders of any kind are allowed to gain control of any civil authority, then it is right back to murder and mayhem and we are all in danger.

Of course this is not true in all modern society today, right? Wrong, many Muslim countries are beaten into submission by religious authority, and any moderates of a particular religion are threatened into submission, all ruled by fear .

The moderates of such societies are gagged by the more violent and abusive leaders. The most dangerous countries are those who are virtually ruled by their religion, or a religion. Keep this in mind -- religion given absolute authority, among men, is the most dangerous of all to the population of innocents.

Pie in the sky religious organization make profit by telling people what they want to hear, appealing to the idea that men and women are really good, if not in deed, at least in heart. These modern churches have become more entertainment, and self-help, motivational seminars and preach nothing more than you can find listening to Opra Whinfery, or some Buddha based motivational training lecture or a self-help guru. There just happens to be every stripe of religious teacher, and preacher -- those who make their living from religion, so many scribes and Pharisee types, all willing to lead you down their road. This reminds me of something our Savior, YaHshua, told a group of religious leaders, over 2,000 years ago, and it seems to apply today --

(Mat 23:15) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him (or her)twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

Scribes -- writers -- G1172

Pharisees -- exclusively religious, separatist -- G5330

Proselyte -- convert -- G5273

What? The authors of religious writings and the preachers devoted to religion are making more converts to hell than to the Kingdom? Nah, that could not be today, no way, besides, that has to mean only Jewish religious leaders, right? Wrong. History demonstrates that if you allow any religious order to gain control over a mass of people, like, maybe, becoming the rulers of nations and kings, presidents, mayors or the military, you have a recipe for murder, just for starters. Who do you suppose is trying to take the Kingdom by Force, or killing in the name of their god, or God, thinking that they are doing the right thing?

(Mat 11:12) And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

There is a lot to be discerned from this statement (observation) of our Lord, YaHshua. Many teachers miss what is really being said here. Our Lord is revealing that there was, up until John the Baptist, violence in the Kingdom of Heaven. This violence we now know as Lucifer's attempt at taking the Throne away from his creator, and he managed to get a third of the angel, in Heaven, to go along with his scheme.

 In the Old Covenant and the prophetic Writings we have a record of the violence and of violent men trying to be the rulers or to possess the Kingdom of God, even Heaven itself. What? Violence in Heaven? Well, yes, that is exactly what our Lord said, the Kingdom of Heaven suffered violence. This has ceased, in Heaven, that is, as is recorded in Revelation 12:7-9, Satan and his angels were cast out of Heaven -- Satan and his angels were the apparent source of the violence in Heaven -- until John the Baptist, the violent tried to seize the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, today, and in the history of the Church we see this reflection of violence on Earth. Those who sought to take the Kingdom of Heaven, in Heaven, were cast out and are now bound to this Earth, crawling in the dirt, so to speak, seeking to possess the Kingdom on Earth, taking it by force. Church history proves this to be true by the record of the seen and the unseen forces. Ever wonder why there is no real peace on Earth, when everyone wants Peace?

So, what now, no more violence? Not in Heaven, not since our Savior walked in the flesh, but on Earth, men and Satan and his angels are still practicing violence, but notice, our Lord says the taking of the Kingdom is no longer, or can no longer be taken by force. Even though the violent try to, the Kingdom can only be entered by the King of Peace and those who worship and follow Him. There are still those who believe they can force others to believe as they believe, all in the name of their god. There are and will continue to be evil men, priest, mullahs, pops, etc. that will attempt to take the Eternal Kingdom by force -- claiming, of course, that they are doing the will of god.

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