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Q: Reckon most Christians today would have nothing to do with the worship of Yahweh as the only true Elohim.

What is the implication of this?

Shalom Gim


A: What you suggest is mostly true, and I agree. Still, there is hope for all. We know that there cannot be any salvation leading into Eternity, with a personal confession as to who your Savior is and to distinguish the false gods from the True God of all Creation, we need to understand and know Him by His Name. All Lords and Gods and Saviors have names, but there is only ONE Name that counts --

(Act 4:12) Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Reading this declaration does not take some kind of twisting or special understanding or interpretation -- it says what it says, and anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear it. It does not become a matter of me reading it differently from others, it is a matter of whose Name, which Name? Realizing the name, JESUS, has only been around for about 400 years and considering the fact that the verse we are quoting was first uttered back around 33 AD, the questions remains, what Name, what Name could the Apostle Peter be talking about, it certainly could not have been the false name, JESUS (pronounced by many as HeyZeus and others GeeZus). There is a baptism of repentance and a Baptism into His Name.

(Act 19:4) Paul said, "John indeed baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe in the one who would come after him, that is, in YaHshua." When they heard this, they were baptized in the Name of the Lord YaHshua. YSRB (ASV with His Name Restored)


It is my view that the sincere Christians of today are living under the Baptism of John, a Baptism of Repentance, though ignorant of His Birth Name, a Name, YaH -- Shua -- He said He came in the Father's Name, didn't He? The baptism of repentance can and does lead to improved lives and even saves people from the evils of altered life styles and drugs and other evils. Everyone can benefit from a religion of some sort, something to give them purpose and guidance. Although, religion can be very dangerous as well, some becoming fanatical about their new found truths, etc. Today the Muslim religion is a good example of religion gone awry, a place in history they have held more than once, but not to be out done by the past history of the Roman Catholic Church and other lesser religious groups. But, on the whole, religion does help people. That said, it is not religion we should be seeking, it is the worship of YaH-YaHWeH and by confession, YaHshua, as the door to salvation.


What this all implies is that there is another time, all are not lost, but will be given another opportunity to Confess Him, to declare Him, by Name as the only True God and Savior -- all leading up to the Father in Heaven. The world is allowed to be blind. If a certain covering of the eyes and ears were not allowed too many would reject Him outright. As it is, the information is available to uncover this truth of Identity between gods and lords and other Elohim -- Some will seek and He will open, others are called -- minding their own business and then, one day, seemingly their mind is cracked open and everything changes. He calls whom He will, but the World is not called, not yet (John Chapter 10).


 I see His plan as an effort to save, literally save into eternity, as many as possible while still weeding out the bad apples, and even using the proven bad apples to improve those who are not so bad. Everyone will have a chance to state their case -- Great White Throne Judgment.


This brings up the the real Church -- I know, a lot of groups make this claim, but those who are following our Creator and Savior, place Him at the Head of the Church (ecclesia -- called ones) -- I am sure you know most of this, but it does me good to go over what it has take me years to learn. As the Head of the Church He then is our teacher, even our Heavenly Father comes to us by His Holy Spirit (Their Holy Spirit) at times to give us instruction -- we have His written word, and by that He communicates to us -- one day it will be Face to face, but for now, it is the Book. We are told the number will be small, by comparison to others, and that while we are strangers in the sea of humanity, He sees us all, as a unite, united by His Holy Spirit. We are told the judgment starts at the Church. Simply put, all those He has called or those who have knocked and entered are being judged now, and will, then, be resurrected to eternal life at the return of our Lord, YaHshua. It is those found in the first resurrection, those already judged, those already awakened while living this life, that will not have to fear the "second death" -- Rev 2:11, 20:6, 21:8.


Sorry for not supplying all of the back up verses to support all I have written, I am assuming you know most of this anyway, at least that will be my excuse for being lazy this morning.


The time of salvation is announce and available, but the salvation of all the world is not yet, and will not be until after our Lord Returns and establishes the Kingdom for a 1,000 years. My take is that if He were to force everyone to understand just Who He is, if He were to personally identify Himself -- well, imagine -- His name becoming a curse word. Hum, look how the title God and the false name Jesus are used. By allowing His Holy Name to be covered He is actually saving many from abusing His sacred Identity. Kind of a protective covering. This, then, begs the question, Why do I bother with a website proclaiming His true Identity? First, His Name as to be out there for our Lord, YaHshua's prophecy to be true. You know, where He says many will come in My Name and deceive many __ Mat 24:5?


Over these past 50 years I have witnessed the growing numbers in this area of fulfillment. Of course no one applies to themselves. I began my Website in 1996-98, before cell phones and barely anyone on the internet, at least nothing like today. I started the website as an opening for anyone our seeing this truth, and letting them know they are not alone in this. That was then, and now, that still holds true, but I see it mostly for anyone of like mind to know the pit falls and give the "called out ones" a little help in finding their way. Like "salt of the Earth", one over here another over there, each piece giving flavor to their immediate surrounding. Few in number, to be sure.


Hope I have not stepped on any toes, but then, that is what a believer does, like it or not. Don't want to offend anyone, right, at least that is what the world teachers, but our Lord said that could not be avoided, not if you follow Him.


Thanks for writing -- Peace, Dan

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